Make Artificial Rocks - Fake Boulders and even Playhouse Caves with Easy Plans

Update: October 25th, 2009
Coolest Landscape eBook for 2006!

Artificial rocks have become the ultimate landscape accent and cost saver. You can now create whatever landscape you desire and include fake boulders and artificial rocks wherever you want them, Fast, easy, plans allow you complete control of your backyard project.

Playhouse plans have gone all natural with playhouse cave plans. Think of the possibilities now that you don't have to climb a tree to satisfy the kids with their own special clubhouse. Playhouse caves are safer and more fun to create. You can spend more time on designing and laying out the coolest backyard structure in any neighborhood.

Fake boulders use to be for the commercial designers, but not anymore! The very affordable plans for creating literally any size artificial rock, fake boulder, or playhouse cave is now so easy to get instantly, after you place an order. What could be more simple than that?

Making artificial rocks is now for the weekend warriors that need a new means of Adding d├ęcor to their backyard landscape projects. Since there are no special tools required to create these backyard masterpieces, literally anyone can do this. Why pay a commercial landscaper or nursery for high priced rocks and boulders? You can do this project in the course of a single weekend.

The materials list is readily available from any local hardware store. All you need is the list, the instructions, and you're set to create the most eye-appealing structures and natural looking scenery ever, right in your own backyard.

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